RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers

Raw Classic King is an online card game for PlayStation 2 that lets you play against other players with WWE legends. You can also create a superstar and participate in match types like 24/7 Champions or Tag Team Takedown.

During the match, you can enter as a good guy or a bad guy and increase your clean or dirty tactics meter. The clean guy fights clean and wins over the crowd while the dirty guy uses weapon attacks and underhanded moves.

Product Description

RAW Classic King Size Supreme rolling papers are the perfect choice for smokers who prefer a long smoke. Made from a hybrid blend of unbleached paper, these flat creaseless rolling papers provide the ultimate smooth, even burn while maintaining their natural brown color. The papers are also watermarked with our patented CrissCross watermark that prevents runs and maintains their even-burning characteristics. These are the original style of rolling papers that pre-date interleaving, and are still made in their birthplace of Buenos Aires, Argentina! 24 packs in a box with 40 leaves per pack.

RAW Rolling Papers are a premium brand of rolling papers that offer the perfect combination of performance, value and quality. They are made from the highest-quality, most naturally unbleached rolling papers on the market and are proudly free of added dyes or chalk.


The RAW Classic Kingsize Black Rolling Papers are made from a truly naturally unbleached paper that is double-pressed for the perfect thinness. This vegan friendly paper is perfect for those looking to smoke a longer, smoother smoke that doesn’t burn too hot or leave any unpleasant flavors behind.


RAW Classic Kingsize Slim is a truly naturally unbleached rolling paper that will allow you to enjoy the perfect smoke. The paper is made from natural plants that have zero burn additives and does not contain added dyes or chalk, making it a totally vegan product. It’s also a thinner paper than the standard Kingsize, meaning you can get more out of each pack.


RAW Classic Kingsize is a precision-crafted pre-rolled cone made from the same truly naturally unbleached paper as its cousin the RAW Classic. This cigarette-style rolling paper is designed for smokers who prefer a long smoke. It has also been dubbed the cigarette paper that actually works, thanks to its proprietary technology.